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A Bystander

"My ears died for half an hour and were sent to hell"

Philatelist's Gazetteer

"Does the world really need another zombie death metal band?"

My Housemate

"If I heard that coming from a nightclub, I wouldn't go in"

Bi-Annual Trout Fishing Review

"It's Death Metal!"

Dr Morris J. Flattleson MD

"It sounds like he has a throat disease"

Ladies World

"Evil brain taste made my jaw ache"

"Evil Brain Taste specialise in creepy-sounding zombie-fixated thrash (with hints of Floridian Death Metal)... fusing blastbeats with immediately catchy riffing, not to mention more preposterous zombie references than you can shake a ball-pein hammer at. 7/10"

excerpt from Terrorizer Magazine reviews section June 2015 #261

also featured on the Terrorizer cover CD May 2015 #260


"Evil Brain Taste has immense death metal chops and everything is on display with this debut. They display chainsaw like and flesh ripping riffs, blasphemic blasts, a thick bass back bone and visceral and throat shredding vocals."

Cadaver Garden November 2015

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"There is a catchiness in these songs that keeps the listener's attention throughout, as well as a sense of unpredictability in that songs may go from a Crossover Thrash riff to an all out Black Metal section with blast beats and dissonant chords...Dead Dead Bad is a catchy, fun and entertaining release that flies by very quickly. 4/5" October 2015

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"catchy stuff with intense brutal moments scattered all over, but with also a few surprising lyrical ones... the mixture works for most of the time thanks to the guys' very good taste for melody which shows up on every track and makes the delivery not very predictable, in a good way"

The Thrash Metal Guide

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"Their 'zombie death metal' may sound simple, but is very nice to listen to. Good riffs, as used in 'The Taste Of Evil Brains', instantly creates some movement of the neck muscles. A lot of double bass drums and riffs, lots of standard death metal, but with a humorous twist. 75/100"

Lords of Metal, NL

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"EVIL BRAIN TASTE has released a debut that will please those of you that are looking for something different; a band that’s willing to go the extra mile and sees music and being (in) a band truly as a form of art."

Inside the Coffin, NL September 2015

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"At no point in the album does it ever feel like the breakneck pace and feel will derail, and right from Intro to the albums closer, Never Forget The Taste you never feel like something has been thrown in half-heartedly to increase the running time of the album."

The Deadhouse November 2015

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