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"The rabid pack is fronted by this merciless snarling wretch"


One evening,Bone found a mystical amulet the graveyard. He was unable to remove the item which slowly turned him into a gruesome, cadaverous zombie. The amulet also grants him limited powers of speech, and the ability to sing... after a fashion.

voice: Bone

Guitar: Stench

"Decaying fingers shredded by cheesegrater thrashing"


In life, Stench was innocently eating at a chicken burger stand when a passing pack of zombies infected him. A powerful miasma of decay and ordure surround him, serving to confuse and disorientate puny humans.

Drums: Legg

"Twin pillars of destruction, crushing skulls with ease"


In life, Legg was a keen athelete. He couldn't outrun the zombie horde though and has now joined the legions of the damned. His legs keep pounding even in undeath- just sit him in front of a drum kit and watch the body parts fly!

bass: Chot

"The ultimate zombie- Chot will eat your head"


Chot has been a zombie as long as anyone can remember. Other zombies are highly envious of rictus grin, paralytic movements and his decrepit stature.